Managed Colocation

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CloudFlex Managed Colocation


This is a flexible hosting solution service where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental to retail customers without the need for in-house equipment and resources.

CloudFlex offers premium collocating services of Servers, Networking Infrastructure within our tier 3 data centre within Nigeria with an extensive choice of connectivity, high security and trust, guaranteed power, Advanced cooling with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

CloudFlex operates with two data centres at Ikeja and Marina Lagos

Data Centre Features

Tier III Certified Data Centre

Redundant Power

Cooling Infrastructure

Redundant HVAC

PCI DSS Compliant

4 Separate Network Points of Entry

Secured Loading Bays

ISO 27001 Certification

24/7 Multi Layered Security

24/7 Remote Hands

CloudFlex guarantees 99.9% uptime and backs it up with and industry standard service level agreement. If your equipment should ever fail to perform due to infrastructure or network failures within our control, we will fix the problem and grant you a credit towards future service for the lost time.

Equipment in a rack is measured in rack units (U). Colocation prices are often calculated from the number of units required. A full-size rack is most often 47U and is often called a ‘cabinet’. CloudFlex offers Rack services from 1U to a Cabinet.

Benefits of Managed Colocation

Colocation does not demand capital investments or the lengthy lead times involved in building one’s own data center. Colocation can be bought where and when you need it, as you need it, in safe areas and with power and cooling in a highly accessible and redundant environment. You only pay for required capacity and pay-as- you-grow i.e. much more efficient for most companies, rather than running their own data center with unutilised capacity

In Summary, You get;

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); Operational overhead such as electricity, cooling, and staff costs

Business Continuity

The ability to quickly respond to changing business demands

On the Long run it helps you to focus on your core business

Beyond cost savings, It guides against the top 4 onsite data centre threats: Multi -Tenant Hazards, Utilities Infrastructure, Limited Scalability and Security threats.

Why CloudFlex?

We are the First Choice

We are an Indigenous, the best in Nigeria & Africa, and VmWare Cloud Verified.

No Forex

No FX required when you onboard any of your services

Hybrid Option

Hybrid Option - High Availability

We Are Local

Built by Nigerians for Nigeria, Built by Africans for Africa

On Demand

On-Demand Robust and Scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Pay Per Use

At CloudFlex you are only charged for what you consume.

24/7 Support

24/7 Local support - Consultancy & Advisory Service, We literally take you by the hand.

2 Data Centers

We replicate across 2 Data Centers, which enables us to provide DRaaS across the two sites for failover and business continuity

OPEX no CaPex

OPEX no (CaPex) Capital Investment not required - Risk-free financial model


We boast of < 20millisecs latency

Self Service

You can spin up VMs yourself using the VMware Cloud Director.

99.9% Uptime

Yes! There is no downtime. We are connected to the Internet exchange in Nigeria.

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