The Benefits of Cloud Computing for the success of NIN

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for the success of NIN

“National Identification Number ( NIN ) is an initiative established by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Act No. 23 of 2007 to manage Nigeria’s national identity card database, integrate the existing identity database in government institutions, register individuals and legal residents, assign a unique national identification number.

The purpose of NIN is also used by other governments of many countries to track their citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for work, taxation, government benefits, health care, and other related functions.


As a business, the Nigerian Government is looking to cut costs to reduce a budget deficit’s likeliness (this occurs when expenses exceed revenue). We exit an economic depression and covid-19 pandemic while NIMC collects, processes, updates, and protecting citizens’ data.

Cloud computing is a significant investment the Nigeria Government cannot ignore. Cloud computing almost eliminates the expensive buy of housing, servers, hardware, and maintenance, cutting the overhead of running NIMC operation of recording 200 million-plus Nigerians.

Agency Collaboration

The Bain of Nigerian governmental bureaucracy has been “a collaboration between parastatals” for years. Cloud can simplify the collaboration between agencies the resource of NIMC data, solving and creating efficient delivery of governmental services and amenities.

For example, the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics can access the NIMC database through the cloud without red tape and dozens of signatures.

National Security

Cloud computing can add more layers of security than traditional conventional data of storage. From several layers of security protocols to ensure the right authorized personnel can access the NIMC data to Encryption (Encryption is the method by which information is converted into secret code that hides the information’s true meaning) if in the situation the data of NIMC are stolen and depending on the levels of encryption, it guarantees the safety of NIMC data.

These measures are against local threats and foreign Governments and entities who wish to exploit such information for their gains.


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