While creating a site backup it is very important for the website’s security to store backups in a secure location. That is where the Cloud Storage comes in. Unfortunately, many businesses rely on outdated storage solutions (such as local servers), which may cause loss of vital data. 

CloudFlex helps you manage your storage infrastructure instead of maintaining a large library of tapes or disks and arranging to store them offsite. With our SaaS solution, you get to determine what data on your network should be stored and how often.

It aids cloud applications to scale beyond their servers which are limited. StaaS allows users to store their data at remote disks and access them anytime from any

place.  Cloud storage systems are expected to meet several rigorous requirements for maintaining users’ data and information, including high availability, reliability, performance, replication and data consistency.

Cloud storage is based on virtualized infrastructure and is like cloud computing in terms of accessible interfaces, scalability and metered resources. The cloud storage service being utilized from CloudFlexs off premise service.

It refers to a hosted object storage service, but the term has broadened to include other types of data storage that are now available as a service, like block storage.


Benefits of STaaS

  • File Accessibility – The files can be accessed at any time from any place so long as you have Internet access.
  • Offsite Backup – Cloud Storage provides organizations with offsite (remote) backups of data which in turn reduces costs.
  • Effective Use of Bandwidth – Cloud storage uses the bandwidth effectively i.e. instead of sending files to recipients, a web link can be sent through email.
  • Security of Data – Helps in protecting the data against ransomware or malware as it is secured and needs proper authentication to access the stored data.