Our disaster recovery services enable continuous business operations and workload mobility by providing resources anywhere you need them, in the event of a disaster. When a disaster strikes and seconds matter, you can have confidence that your entire environment — network and servers will be available when and where you need it. Like with Backup, we can use a private cloud to provide seamless disaster recovery for another private cloud, or multiple public clouds.

CloudFlex Disaster Recovery as a Service is designed to ease your transition to the cloud through dedicated disaster recovery from your location to any one of CloudFlex’s 2 data centres.

Our fastest tools for backing up virtual machines replicates your primary infrastructure and offers ready-to-run clones at secondary infrastructures. This keeps you ready to face any disaster.

Our disaster recovery solution provides complete data protection along with a failover mechanism, allowing you to operate from secondary locations without restoring the failed VMs within a few seconds in the event of a disaster. This is the reason so many corporations trust us to create their disaster recovery solutions for their critical IT systems.


Benefits of DaaS

  • Data Centers in different geographic Zones
  • Minimize Downtime or Disasters in Minutes
  • Consistently Backup Data Cost-Effectively
  • Mitigate Revenue and Employee Productivity Losses
  • Save on Hardware Costs
  • Simplifies IT Administration