Questions Business leaders ask before Moving to the Cloud

Questions Business leaders ask before Moving to the Cloud

In the past Seventeen odd months business environment has changed a lot, and things are still shaping up as we write this article. Right now, it is all about re-imagining your business in the new normal and the channels through which value will be delivered to customers.

Remote work has proved to be the most insurmountable challenge for most enterprises. Thanks to Cloud Service Providers like Cloudflex that made all this happen in a very short time span.

However, top-level business leaders such as CEOs are still overwhelmed with the technology options out there, and how can their individual businesses become a part of this journey. The major concerns revolve around years and decades-old legacy systems.

The problem with legacy systems is that processes are very intricately interwoven and it becomes nearly impossible to track the impact of any changes that are made to the existing IT infrastructure or processes. This is acting as a major deterrent for business leaders.

In this article, we will address some of the major questions business leaders have on their minds when contemplating a move to the Cloud. We will also address how Cloudflex solutions fit into this whole cloud migration journey.

Question 1: Is data secured in the Cloud?

This is by far the strongest deterrent for CEOs when moving to the Cloud. What raises the stakes even further is the ever-increasing regulations around data and the “business cost” of data breaches or cyber-attacks.

Best Cloud Service Providers in Nigeria like Cloudflex uses multi-layered security mechanisms to keep your enterprise data at bay from cyber predators. These include firewalls, encryption, intrusion prevention, ransomware protection, and more.

These multiple cybersecurity mechanisms, coupled with independent compliance certifications and a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution make Cloudflex infrastructure highly secure for your valuable enterprise data.


Question 2: How to Choose the Right Service and Cloud Provider?

When it comes to cloud services and the provider out there, you have loads of choices. However, not every cloud service provider out there might be suited to your needs. So, you have to undertake an objective analysis of the offerings out there and choose the best one.

As a business leader, you will do best if you layout your priorities beforehand, and then “shop” for the best provider out there. The core differentiators for Cloudflex include security, customizability, ease of management, No FX, OPEX no CAPEX, Latency, 24/7 Customer support, and Affordable Pricing.

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Question 3: What about my existing infrastructure?’

This is a relatively tricky area because ideally, legacy processes should be re-factored to deliver the optimal results over the cloud. However, this daunting challenge instead prevents enterprises from making the move to the Cloud altogether.

With specialized cloud service providers in Nigeria like Cloudflex, we take you along the entire cloud migration journey. In most cases, we try for a “lift and shift” approach, in which you at least reap the core benefits of the cloud that include flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security.


At the end of the day, what matters the most in enabling a successful cloud migration is a “cloud-first approach”. This means that the Cloud should form the mainstay of your operations to realize the true value that it can potentially deliver to your enterprise.

At Cloudflex we believe in taking you along every step of the cloud journey through one of the best Customer Support teams out there in the industry. Our cloud experts develop an in-depth understanding of your existing and future needs, before taking the actual leap.

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