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CloudFlex Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)


CloudFlex is a certified VMware Partner and Solution Provider, in Nigeria, that offers the ability to provide customers with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products on demand and dynamically scaled to meet the ever changing business needs of Nigerian businesses.

In our IaaS, the computing infrastructure is maintained by CloudFlex. Resources are shared among various cloud customers, who in turn use them to deploy their own services. Run on each server is a hypervisor that fully manages the hardware resources of that server platform (including processor cores, memory and devices). The hypervisor and the underlying hardware are used to host multiple virtual machines (VMs) belonging to the different customers.

For the underlying hardware platform, multi-core and multi-processor server systems with shared memory is used. CloudFlex is using the Huawei converge infrastructure (Huawei Fusioncube E9000) and the SDDC is built on VMware.

Benefits of IaaS

Cloud customers choose to move to cloud computing as it can improve the flexibility of their own infrastructures, whereby they can expand and contract their computing facilities on demand as more or less users access them. It also provides financial benefits as the cloud customers do not have to purchase the physical infrastructure up front, but only lease resources when needed. Moreover, infrastructure providers, due to economies of scale, are able to run the facilities more efficiently than individual customers could.

Pay Per Use – you only pay for what you use

Scalability – there are no delays caused in the expansion of capacity and there is no wastage of the unused capacity.

Save Time And Cost

Location Independence – Users working on the IaaS environment can access it from anywhere in the world through the internet

Unaffected Service – There is no single point of failure in IaaS. Even though any one aspect of the hardware resources fail, the service will remain constant and unaffected.

Flexibility– One of the greatest benefits of IaaS include the ability to scale the resources up and down quickly according to the needs of the customers.

Faster Time To Market; As the IaaS environment ensures flexibility and scalability, the business organizations can gear up and get their work done faster.

Focus On Business Growth.

Why CloudFlex?

We are the First Choice

We are an Indigenous, the best in Nigeria & Africa, and VmWare Cloud Verified.

No Forex

No FX required when you onboard any of your services

Hybrid Option

Hybrid Option - High Availability

We Are Local

Built by Nigerians for Nigeria, Built by Africans for Africa

On Demand

On-Demand Robust and Scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Pay Per Use

At CloudFlex you are only charged for what you consume.

24/7 Support

24/7 Local support - Consultancy & Advisory Service, We literally take you by the hand.

2 Data Centers

We replicate across 2 Data Centers, which enables us to provide DRaaS across the two sites for failover and business continuity

OPEX no CaPex

OPEX no (CaPex) Capital Investment not required - Risk-free financial model


We boast of < 20millisecs latency

Self Service

You can spin up VMs yourself using the VMware Cloud Director.

99.9% Uptime

Yes! There is no downtime. We are connected to the Internet exchange in Nigeria.

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