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5G: Advancing Digital Infrastructure in Emerging Markets

For some time now 5G has been buried in the conspiracy and negative publicity of its intentions and effect.

The development of 5G has simply been the advancement of technology to overcome the current constraints of data delivery and provide a better user experience in everyday activities.

  1. As the quality of videos improves, greater bandwidth is required to provide this quality.
  2. . Lifestyle has seen the transition from watching films on projectors to VHS/Betamax videos to streaming services.
  3. Collaborations and Presentations create larger files and require greater bandwidth. An average Powerpoint presentation is about 50MB. We need to work with these files across the internet with ease and also send the files back and forth. Email limits used to be 4MB. Using cloud storage still needs the bandwidth to download the files in minutes.
  4. Movie making and Music composition are done across continents and it involves sending files back and forth also.
  5. Working from home is the new norm. Many technology companies do not plan to return to physical workspace until the end of 2021, some never.

CloudFlex Computing Limited is Nigeria’s’ leading Enterprise local cloud service provider. We are the first choice of Cloud Solutions and managed data services for local and Global businesses with great ambitions.

We offer Information Technology as a service (Cloud services, Co-location, Managed solutions, Backup services, Disaster Recovery, etc.), and support for diverse infrastructure needs by providing Industry-specific Solutions.

Our Company is based on the principle of developing and delivering top-of-line Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions to meet the need of our existing and prospective clients.

Digital transformation is the key driver in technology today. This has been accelerated by the pandemic and the changes that have occurred this year.

At the start of the pandemic, the poor state of the data infrastructure was exposed to the difficulty of using a web conferencing app. This can partly be attributed to the abnormal distribution of people. Things have since improved.

The success of any economy is tied to the advancement and robustness of its technology infrastructure.

What is required;

Requirement: Connectivity to the outside world
Solution: Subsea cables. More than adequately delivered. More than 8 cables available. Google – Equiano online 1st qtr 2021. Facebook cable online in 2023.

Requirement: Connectivity to homes
Solution: Last mile connectivity – still underserved

Requirement: Local Cloud infrastructure
Solution: Not more than 5 companies. South Africa has over 150 companies.

Requirement: Cloud Technologies – Edge computing, Kubernetes, microservices
Solution: Very small footprint

Requirement: Cloud applications
Solutions: Very few Local SaaS, IoT, Large data repositories.

Requirement: Knowledge of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence
Solutions: Yet to be incorporated in University courses, Training, and apprenticeships

What are the enablers;
  1.  Stimulate the local economy
  2. Enforcement of local technology guidelines
  3. Education and Training
  4. Enabling environment – lower cost of doing business and implement the infrastructure.
  5. More collaboration and B2B interaction.

– Remi Adejumo


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