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AWS Outage: The Best Alternative

As you might have heard, on Tuesday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) encountered a blackout. This caused disturbances Sunday morning for clients and customers. A portion of Amazon’s high profile clients include: Netflix, IMDB, GroupMe, Viber, dating application Tinder, some crypto Exchanges, and Airbnb

This is not the first time that Amazon Web Services crashed. A few times this year, AWS experienced a comparable blackout, which prompted administrations like Instagram, Airbnb, and Vine to go down.

Apple Breach

Following the AWS blackout, one more large name in tech is in a tough situation. Apple affirmed today its first major iTunes hack. The iTunes App Store in China was tainted by malware.


Furthermore, those of you who attempted to sign in to Skype may have additionally tracked down the assistance down.

The Best Alternative

The shared characteristic with this new news is that “the enormous folks” are powerless to personal time and breaks. This can demonstrate incredibly expensive to organizations, with information, security, and efficiency in danger.

Think about the other option. Cloudflex has had a 99.9% uptime history in the course of recent years. Remembering the significant disturbances we’ve covered today, joining forces with a supplier with a superior history can save you time, cash, and migraines.

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