Reasons why your documents should be stored online

Reasons why your documents should be stored online

Many organizations in Nigeria and on the continent are still in use of paper for documentation to archive everyday trivial data and information to confidential documents for some it is a necessity by law.
The storage of thousands of documents on-premise can be rather problematic for organizations. It doesn’t only drastically reduce the amount of space within your offices but your company may not be equipped with the maintenance and also protective measures to ensure the safety of your important documents, as such documents experience depreciation of the period of time.
Fortunately, Cloudflex provides a secure off-premise document storage solution that includes a variety of benefits on your files/documents that should be stored online, with our document management system.

Here are 4 reasons why your company should archive its documents with Cloudflex Document Management System:

Cloudflex document management system offers to secure your business files by capturing, digitizing, and organizing them in our global industry-standard cloud infrastructure facilitated on tier 4 data centers located in Nigeria. Providing businesses a secured means to store their documents and also a backup in case physical copies are damaged or stolen/hacked online due to some types of cyberattacks has been rising at an astonishing pace in recent years.
Cloudflex’s Tier IV data center facility is an enterprise-level service and the nature of this data center comes along with a high level of protection to your business’s data
A usual task in Nigerian organizations is accessing documents stored in their own premises. Searching usually involves a pest e.g. termites and rats infested room, through piles of files and filing cabinets to search for a single document can be frustrating, rather time-consuming and increase the capital expenditure for the expertise of professional pest control in which many organizations are experiencing now.
Cloudflex document management systems offer your business the ability to access, organize, secure, capture, digitize, tagging, approve, and complete tasks with your business files on demand.
Cloudflex document management systems offer two (2) world-class data centers within the country erasing the usual problem of slow/no connection, i.e. Low latency to access documents on demand.
Storage Space
By moving your valuable and confidential documents and having them stored on a secured cloud, your business would be creating a valuable resource i.e space that could be allocated for other profit and organizational-oriented purposes(eg office space rental).
Choosing Cloudflex for your business means that an industry leader in data protection is looking after your data. The Cloudflex cloud platform delivers the needed automation and orchestration to protect your critical business workloads and secure your data. Talk to one of our experts today via

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