3 reasons Nigerian Businesses need Cloud Storage

3 reasons Nigerian Businesses need Cloud Storage

Nigerian businesses are in a unique position in which the challenges of the environment and as brilliantly stated by our managing director Mr. Aderemi Adejumo explained how Nigeria losses $450 million annually to poor electricity to little or no security guarantee and so much more can be solved with modern technologies ready and available to businesses of all sizes.

Definition and Misconception about cloud storage

According to Wikipedia, Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools, said to be on “the cloud”. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company.

As the cloud is a new technology in the Nigerian environment. there are a lot of misconceptions regarding cloud storage, and it’s important for business owners and key decision-makers to understand what it is and what it isn’t.

Reasons Nigerian businesses need cloud storage

Reduce Costly infrastructure

For businesses in Nigeria to access technology, it will need huge capital expenditure to build, buy equipment, install, maintain, train quality staff, etc. Some projects fail pre-maturely due to unqualified manpower as stated previously, and these projects are in the hands of a large enterprise with the financial muscle.

With cloud storage, Nigerian businesses can eliminate the need for expensive in-house systems and possibly save millions and billions of naira in the long run for larger enterprises. Also giving Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) access to technology previously unavailable. This encourages a boom in technology and innovation due to the agile price for CAPEX and OPEX to manage.

Access to New technology

For Nigerians businesses to update technology with many businesses on outdated technology, it takes months from importation of the technology to installation to training of new staff and so on as all these together contribute to high Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

With cloud storage, Nigerian businesses have access to updated software and technology enhancing the user experience and make them globally competitive without staying behind technologically

Enhanced Cyber Security

According to the global cybersecurity index (GCI), 2020 Nigeria has ranked 47th among 182 countries. As stated previously most businesses in Nigeria operate outdated technology which live Nigerian businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks which is on the rise recently.

With cloud storage, Nigerian businesses have access to updated security software and technology to protect valuable data and information.

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