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Why is a local cloud provider needed in Nigeria?

Local cloud providers’ existence is crucial for a nation’s technological, economic, political growth, and stability. As the need for local cloud providers can also be attributed to legislation across the Atlantic.

The European Union (EU), on 14 April 2016, imposed obligations on organizations targeting or collecting data of citizens in EU member states. The purpose of the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects citizens of EU member states’ data privacy rights.

This also an adverse effect of the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Cambridge Analytica obtained personal data from individuals on Facebook without consent. GDPR law forces organizations to track the data they get and where it is stored within the EU.

Here are the reasons why Local cloud providers are needed:

Access to the local market

In a matter of time, nations worldwide will follow suit to impose their various forms of GDPR laws, e.g., the US. The law will pose a challenge to international companies hence the need for local cloud providers. As stated before, GDPR law is forcing organizations to track the data they get and stored within the EU.

This gets complicated for international companies as an estimated 92% of cloud storage is in the US, making it difficult to track. Such companies will sanction harsh fines for violating privacy and security standards, with penalties reaching tens of millions of euros.

To mitigate present and future changes in digital and data consumer right laws, companies both local and are realigning the company strategy

Performance and latency concerns

According to, Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa’s selected countries as of June 2019, about 126.8 million. Still, Nigeria is ranked 109th in the world for mobile data speeds.

To increase the performance and reliability of the internet, e-commerce, and other essential services, companies both local and international need data centers to be close to the traffic to mitigate the demand and guarantee efficient service.

Technological Advancement

The world evolves every minute, and technological advancement is taking leaps and bounds. African countries are behind, and cloud computing technology is an essential catalyst to propel the continent to the fourth industrial revolution. From 5G to big data to artificial technology, cloud technology is critical to enable its function, hence the local cloud provider’s need.

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