How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforming cloud management?

Cloud Management has seen a noteworthy development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Entire industries and markets are transforming themselves through Digital Technologies. Following this, Alibaba and Huawei just launched the first AI Cloud Computing Chips to deploy a state-of-the-art automated system to manage their Cloud management tasks more efficiently.

No doubt that Artificial Intelligence can automate your Cloud Management better as compared to the non-AI cloud system.

Here are the reasons for it:
  • Gain insights from data for performance optimization and efficient execution of business processes through Automated Processing.
  • Improve the knowledge life cycle by catering to the knowledge required for merging Artificial Intelligence with Cloud Management and provide extra ease within fractions of a second.
  • Infusion of AI with Cloud Services can help businesses become imperative. It can increase query processing performance through machine learning-based optimization and simplify Application Development.
  • Cloud resources are already monitored effectively, but AI solutions come with full-stack activities monitoring your networks with real-time intelligence.
  • With AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) in your Cloud management, reliability and customer satisfaction can be increased up to a great extent.
  • AI reduces the business complexities by easing up human capabilities, hence ensures that a better decision will be made.
  • AI can learn the patterns of Input/Output and data life cycles which have a great impact on the stage optimization intelligently. Its additional benefit is that it can warn the system about storage failure and giving the user enough time to back-up the data and take care of certain measures to avoid system failure.

AI is pushing the limits of Infrastructure and Cloud management. Artificial Intelligence has so much to offer, and in the coming years, it will take over the entire industry for its Infrastructure Management.


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