Here are TEN REASONS Nigeria has not caught up with the rate of adoption seen elsewhere.

1.     The belief that moving their infrastructure off-premise is a SECURITY RISK.

2.     The belief that cloud computing is very EXPENSIVE.

3.     The LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of what cloud computing is really about.

4.     There is a strong FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

5.     There is a LACK OF AWARENESS of the availability of cloud computing LOCALLY.

6.     There is a DEARTH OF SKILLS in the cloud computing arena.


8.     Businesses DO NOT TRUST the decision-making of their IT STAFF.

9.     IT department is RELUCTANT TO LET GO of their infrastructure.

10. There is a LOW cloud computing infrastructure INVESTMENT.

Not only will the move to the cloud free the IT staff from the routine tasks and allow more time for business-focused tasks, but it will also accelerate the time to market, as the infrastructure is readily available. Capacity planning will no longer be the IT team’s responsibility instead they have a larger capacity readily available when they require it which can be quickly deployed without fuss.

Organizations who have begun moving their infrastructure from in-house to the cloud do this because they know it is the future. The ability to convert one’s infrastructure expense from a CAPEX to an OPEX derives huge savings and relieves the pressure on their infrastructure spend.

Are your fears not listed above? leave a comment below on why you have not moved to the cloud.